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LeadGood is a national leader in ethical leadership and regulatory compliance in the education sector.  We are one of the few compliance consulting firms focusing on the needs of schools, colleges and universities.

And no other firm can match LeadGood’s experience when it comes to training educators at all levels about ethics and their professional obligations and risks.High School Teachers in Hallway

LeadGood helped create the first widely available e-learning series on ethics and compliance for primary and secondary teachers, AND the first such series for education leaders.


The training and assessment modules in these series focus on legal and regulatory compliance, ethical decision-making, shared values and what it means to be a “professional educator.”

Teacher helping elementary school kidsFor this multi-year project, LeadGood served as:

  • Primary architect and author of the courseware
  • A primary subject matter expert of the series, providing expertise regarding:
    • The substantive legal and regulatory challenges facing the professional educator, and how to address them.
    • The creation of engaging e-learning; and
    • How to effectively teach ethics, compliance, and ethical leadership.
  • Facilitator of numerous workshops, focus groups and summit meetings. Our work in these sessions led us to identify, and develop broad agreement about the six core values of professional educators.

LeadGood also helped the owner of the project, Education Testing Service, select and supervise key project vendors providing instructional design and a custom LMS.

The State of Georgia Public Standards Commission (GaPSC) now requires all new educators – teachers and leaders — entering or leaving a prep program, to complete this series.High School Teacher Talking with Student

In higher education, LeadGood Principal Jason Meyer was the first to design, research and draft a nationwide e-learning series on ethics and compliance for college and university faculties and staff.

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