LeadGood – We are Effectively Educating Organizations and Leaders

Don't just, "Do the right thing." Lead Good.

When leading organizations want to take their education and training to a new level of effectiveness and engagement… they call on LeadGood.

We’ve been proud to play a part in:

– Bespoke courses, innovative approaches and hands-on consulting that have helped organizations and leaders effectively foster a speak-up culture.

– A multi-year project to extend a professional Association’s extensive research and thought-leadership to its members through exceptional e-learning.

– The nation’s first e-learning series on ethics and professionalism for K-12 teachers and administrators

– First-of-its-kind live training for managers in federal agencies, on how to express effective, ethical leadership in disciplining and supporting federal employees

– Innovative e-learning on compliant practices when selling to government customers

– Procurement of EdTech, including evaluations of and negotiations with LMS, CMS and testing vendors

– Conducting independent investigations of employment complaints and other efforts to foster a speak-up culture

LeadGood has the unique ability to provide simultaneous and integrated subject matter expertise on complex legal and regulatory issues and topics and how best to communicate on those issues and topics.

Let us help you do what you haven’t done before: truly engage your audiences:

  • E-learning
  • Live training
  • Improving engagement
  • Education program assessment
  • Helping to assess and select key vendors, including library and LMS providers and instructional designers
  • Compliance content programming
  • Keeping your E&C library up-to-date and innovative

For any kind of organization (including yours), we can also:


  • Provide counsel on compliance in commercial transactions, including “Quality Agreements”
  • Conduct independent investigations
  • Provide outsourced compliance leadership
  • Advise on ethics and compliance best practices


  • Facilitate meetings on big, strategic issues challenging your organization with the goals of inspiring brainstorming and achieving consensus
  • Train and educate leaders on how to promote an ethical culture
  • Provide unique team-building experiences to foster shared culture and goals


LeadGood helps businesses, non-profits, schools and universities achieve ethical and operational excellence. In every project we undertake, our goal is to empower organizational and personal growth and elevated behavior.

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